Combining photo’s

For this photo I combined 6 others into one. Especially in cases like this it’s always usefull to shoot several pictures from the same angle and with the same settings. It’s al shot by hand, ofcourse it would even be easyer with a tripot but that limits your own movements during the shoot.


Starting with the base picture I first added another picture where the bubbles are in front of the right shoulder in a layer on top of the, here called background. I used soft light as a layer mode to see if the two pictures match enough to use. As you can see they match pretty close so that’s fine.


With masks (if you want to know how masks work read this) and a big soft eraser brush, I show only the shoulder and the hair. After that you move the second image a bit around to match the two pictures.

If you hide and show the second layer you can see a little movement because the pictures are not exactly the same but with skin and a soft brush you won’t see where they merge.


Clone stamp

Now it’s time to get rid of the annoying big dark space on the left.

To do this you take the Clone stamp tool (S) from the tool section on the left. With the clone stamp you Alt+click on a part that you want to clone somewhere else. In this case I want to clone the lighter gray area over the dark gray area. So I alt+click in the right part, move the curser to the dark spot and start cloning.


I usually take a big soft brush on 100% oppacity to have a nice overflow again. When you use the clone tool you will also clone the texture, so if you have a textured background you have to be carefull with the opacity and the soft brush because this will soften the edges and the overall texture.

Here you can see what it does with a texture. When you use it on 50 procent opacity every time it will get softer and softer until you only have only one color left.

clone stamp1

Because my background is already blurred and i want to get a nice equal tone it’s oke to use the brush also on a lower opacity to create this. You will have to reset the place where you are cloning from to not clone the girl or the sides on the picture. If you only have a really small spot to clone from start there and slowly make it bigger and bigger every time you clone.

When that is al fixed I started adding bubbles from different pics but with a gray background. I also use masks for this so i can easily add or remove stuff.



Dodge tool


As you can see with this one it has a bit of the dark gray background on it.


To lighten this I use the Dodge tool on the left, set it on a very low exposure something like 10% and start making the dark gray part lighter, you can change the Range (next to the exposure) where it now says Midtones to shadows of highlights just what gives you the best result.


For this it’s the best to set it on shadows because we want the dark pixels to get lighter.


In the same way you can add the other bubbles until you get something you’re happy with =)



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