love_at_first_sight_by_soeky148-d6debjcHi! ^_^

I will tell you a little about myself, I love new idea’s and creating stuff. Looking at things in a different perspective helps me doing this.

My name is Suze Vonk, I studied Industrial product design at The Hague Universtity in the Netherlands. After my studie I lived in Italy for a year doing several interships in and close to Milan. I had a great year, learned a lot about the country and about myself.

Now I’m owner from exploringlife.nl where I photograph weddings, newborns, families and everything that has something to do with people and love. I also photograph all other things under my own name suzevonk.nl 

How did I go from product design to photography… hmm good question. I love pretty stuff and designing it and still got a great interest about it. Photography was a hobby which started growing bigger and bigger where it’s now my main business. If there is any time I still like to do some designing as you can soon see on my website.

Basically I like way too much things at the same time to do all of them, so you have to make some choices, I have to sleep sometimes you know.. =)

But I also like writing in English (my english is not that perfect but you hopefully will understand what i mean ;-) ) That’s why I started this blog. To write, to show of my awesome skills, haha no… It gives me a lot of inspiration writing these blogs and it’s a good reason to keep creating and learning new stuff to get better in photography.

So now you know a little about me, if you have any questions left, you are free to ask ^_^


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