010 clothing

In collaboration with Rotterdam Basketball H2 sponsored by “010 kleding” we did a photoshoot. Here are some of the results.

I used 2 big lights and a flash in a dark sports hall.

IMG_0271-1 (more…)


If you searching for any inspiration, go to pinterest. There are tons of beautifull pictures, cool do it yourself tutorials and if you’re in deep trouble also some wise words ;-)

Also you can find a lot of photography tips like posing ideas for your next shoot. The good thing if you have your own pinterest account is you can not only save the ideas for later so you can always go back to see it again you can also save the idea’s with a picture from a lot of other websites outside pinterest. Plus you can follow me! How nice is that ;-)


Sanne & Jeral

With Sanne and Jeral I did a photoshoot in Amsterdam because they love the city (who doesn’t) but they also are planning to live there quite soon. We had a fun day with warm chocolate drinks at the end for all the hard work we did. And yes, posing is also hard work =)

IMG_8655-1 IMG_8576-1 IMG_8582-1 (more…)

Photograph something

A long time ago a made this list, Things to photograph. Until now I actually didn’t do any of it. But next month I have a exposition where I, ofcourse, have to show something…… o_O

The hard work will start here.


And while I have a LOT of shoots ready to process I don’t have a lot of shoots scheduled at the moment. So I started with my Photograph something list to make the photoshop-days also a bit of a photograph-day to keep the work going.

photograph something


So today I started with the first one, It’s one where the season is actually almost over. So it’s more a goodbye season picture ;-)


I love this plate, it’s just so pretty =)


Before & after

This took forever to photoshop. There was no good angle to photograph this without the branch, but i really didn’t like it there. So I started a 5 hour marathon and deleted it. I used parts of the original picture and parts of pictures from a little different angle to create it.

Before and after 1

Using masks

In photoshop masks can be a great tool to easily show and hide parts of a layer without erasing in the actual layer. So if you make a mistake or you want to change it later you can do this without going back in your history and also deleting other actions you did.

Understanding how masks work I will just show you how to add and use them.

I will be adding a cloudy sky to this tree picture.



Combining photo’s

For this photo I combined 6 others into one. Especially in cases like this it’s always usefull to shoot several pictures from the same angle and with the same settings. It’s al shot by hand, ofcourse it would even be easyer with a tripot but that limits your own movements during the shoot.



Before & after

A cute older couple in Milan central station. Find the edits in this one =)


Hello world!

This blog is all about photography, that includes before and afters, photoshop tutorials, recent shoots and a lot of other fun stuf.

Who wouldn’t want that!